Before performance of W. A. Mozart„Basten und Bastene“ in Ferrara (Italy) Background: B. Pokrovsky und W. Ossovsky

Basten und Bastene“ of W. A. Mozart in Moscow Theater of Kammermusik Gamy and Tatjana Korowina
Applause in Big Hall in conservatory of Moscow The Song from Author
Gamy – Eduardo„The marriage contract“ of D.Rossini Gamy with Monserat Cabalie
Casting by „Mosfilm“ for hooligan Gamy – Lensky. Philippe de Chevallier – Onegin in „Eugeny Onegin“ of P. Chajkovsky
Gamy – Lensky, V.Twardovsky – Onegin, Sophie – modelier, E.Popowa - Tatjana Larina, Viktor Afanasenko – Lensky, Nadezhda Nova-Gedda - pianist, after «Ewgeny Onegin» in Strassburg Florian Ludwig – conductor, Wadim Zaplechny – German, Jaroslawa Kozina – Polina, Alexander Gamy - Ñhekalinsky, after «Pique Dame» in Bremen
Article in newspaper „Russian Germany“ Recording of „Club ‘til 40“ by Bremen TV
Gamy and pianist Natalia Selber.
Article about concert
„Poesie of Germany in russian music”
Article in russian newspaper
Booklet for Konzert "Be my love"
Article in russian newspaper "MM"
Anniversary of russian newspaper "MM"