"... then their life's span would have forty years..." 

"Club 'til 40"  

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all parts in
german and russian


Members of
"Club 'til 40"

XVII Century

XVIII Century
XIX Century
XX Century
XXI Century

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An unusual and relentless sounding title.
What is being mentioned here? Poets.
The community of those Russian poets,
who never achieved forty years. We will offer
brief biographies of some of these poets as
well as poetry of this "Club 'til 40", which was
set to music by Russian composers. Let us turn
to the not so distant 19th century and philosophers,
indeed clairvoyants, departed from our world as
they began to achieve physical maturity.

This program is recommended as study material for Russian courses in schools.   

Author of the program, singer and brochure design: Alexander Gamy
Piano: Anna Kirillova
Translations: Robert Nil Lichtenberger
Sound production: Imperia Zwuka
Sound producer and Layout: Paul Wachowski

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