Alexander Gamy
Songs for Fairytale
"Postrel Iwanowich"

Pictures by Ljubov Lazareva

Song 8. The interrogation of Postrel and his friend Penkina
Song 1. Postrel and magician Wasserhen Song 9. The appearance of Wasserhen
Song 2. The dinner Song 10. Irina-sovereign

Song 3. Postrel and his friend Zjablikov

Song 11. Cat Marquis and parrot Roma
Song 4. Hooligans in subway Song 12. Irina-sovereign is angry

Song 5. The hat of magician Leopoldowna

Song 13. The noble cat assambly
Song 6. The observatory of magician Song 14. The Depuritet Adolf von Semeonowitsch
Song 7. Friends and homeless phylosoph Song 15. The victory of friends

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