R. Schumann, H. Heine "Dichterliebe"
Songs on the Poems by Heinrich Heine
Piano Nina Gukova
translation by Edith Braun
P. I. Chaikovsky, D. Rathaus
6 Romances Op. 73
Piano Anna Kirillova
1. In the wondrously beautiful of May (1:41)
2. Out of my tears go forth (0:54)
3. The rose, the lily, the dove, the sun (0:35)
4. When I look into your eyes (1:33)
5. I want to plunge my soul (1:03)
6. In the Rhine, by the holy stream (2:49)
7. I bear no grudge (1:43)
8. If the little flowers but knew it(1:35)
9. Flutes and violins are heard (1:34)
10.When I hear the little song (2:07)
11.A youth loves a maiden (1:05)
12.On a shining summer morning (3:02)
13.I have wept in my dream (2:50)
14.Every night in my dream I see you (1:35)
15.From out of ancient fairy tales (2:27)
16.The old, wicked songs (4:31)
19.You and I were sitting together (2:25)
20.Night (3:04)
21.On this Moonlit Night (1:41)
22.The Sun has Set (1:45)
23.Amid Sombre Days (1:37)
24.I am alone again, as before (2:10)

W.A. Mozart
Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Con. W. Rajski
S. W. Rahmaninov Romances
Piano Nina Gukova
17.Arie Tamino "Zauber Flöte"
     Dies bildnis ist bezaubernd schön
18. Arie Ottavio "Don Guan"
     Il mio tesoro intanto
25.Again You Leapt, my Heart (2:16)
27.Twilight has Fallen (2:31)
28.The Flower has Faded(2:34)
29.Do you remember the evening (2:10)